The Indoor Vehicle Dome

The Vehicle Dome comes in a variety of sizes to protect all kinds of vehicles. With different size indoor domes for motorcycles, cars, and larger domes that will easily accommodate a truck or SUV. The indoor vehicle dome is ideal for keeping your vehicle in mint condition. Protect the paint and body from damage caused by moisture such as rust, and mildew, or even rot. The bubble that protects the car is made from 10mm thick PVC and will protect from dents to the door caused by all kinds of hazards in the garage, and will trap dry air inside and keep moisture outside.


Vehicle Dome is perfect for all kinds of cars. Classic cars, sports cars, family cars, or project cars. Protect your car from the elements. The indoor vehicle dome will protect your convertibles which can be particularly susceptible to moisture damage and pest damage. Do you have a project car being worked on? Protect all the parts when the bonnet is removed with the Vehicle Dome.


Motorcycles have so many exposed parts, and they don’t get driven daily especially during the winter months. This makes protecting them even more important. The indoor Vehicle Dome for motorcycles will help preserve all the rubber on the bike, and keep the paint looking fresh and new. Keep scratches and dents away from your iron horse by keeping it inside a safety bubble.


There are even Vehicle Domes for SUV’s. The inflatable dome will stand up to the hazards of the garage. Rakes falling, bicycles rolling, tools being dropped, all bounce right off the vehicle dome, preventing dents and scratches. The dome itself is easy to repair too in case anything runs into it that breaks the seal. Simply patch it with the kit included. Protect your SUV from rust, dents, and keep it looking as new as the day you drove it off the lot.