What is the lifespan closed or open of a Vehicle Dome?

Since the conception of Vehicle Dome over 20 years ago, we have working examples that are still going strong.

Does Vehicle Dome protect vehicles from pests?

We have over two decades of customers that have told us that Vehicle Dome has been an effective deterrent against all kind of pest from rodents to insects.

Do you need to use any additional chemicals or dry packs to keep the vehicle dry?

The answer is simple, no. Due to the design of the airflow system it inherently prevents moisture and condensation. This allows you to take out your vehicle as and when you please without the inconvenience of having to put aside such products.

When storing your vehicle do you have to drain the cars fluids before storing it in Vehicle Dome?

No. The unit is impermeable to all motor vehicles liquids and is fully ventilated at all times.

Is it advisable to use an additional cover with Vehicle Dome?

We would suggest that you do not use an additional stretch cover when your vehicle is stored within the safe environment of Vehicle Dome since it can inhibit the air from circulating through the interior of the vehicle and cause the build-up of unwanted moisture.

How does the vehicle remain dry if the air is damp outside the Vehicle Dome?

It is important to note that Vehicle Dome does not eradicate humidity. Through design, our bespoke air-flow system changes the internal air volume approximately 3 to 4 times an hour. Inherently this does not allow cold and hot masses of air to accumulate. Therefore, this eradicates condensation and keeps the vehicle completely dry no matter what the external conditions are.

In the event of a power outage, does the Vehicle Dome deflate?

This depends on whether you have your Vehicle Dome plugged into a power bank (Please refer to products). In the eventuality that there is a power outage then Vehicle Dome becomes a sealed car cover.

When the power is reinstated it will simply re-inflate in a matter of minutes. It is important to note that on the reinstatement of power that the fan unit is not lying flat otherwise it will not re-inflate.

 What happens if the Vehicle Dome gets damaged?

The upper clear cover is made from resilient PVC. In the event that the upper cloak becomes impaired you simply use 3m clear tape.

Do I have to leave the windows closed or open when using Vehicle Dome?

Through the design of our bespoke airflow system and over two decades of customer feedback we suggest that it is favourable to leave the windows open a fraction. In the event that you have a soft-top car then we recommend that the roof is stored in a closed position. This prevents moisture accumulating in the sealed soft-top compartment.

If I store my vehicle when it is wet, what will happen?

Vehicle Dome is designed specifically as an evaporative system. The continuous air change will evaporate all moisture within a short period of time. Through design this will prevent external and internal storage issues.